(Day 549 / -160 lbs.) Resolutions-Smezzolutions. I Want To Start Changing Now!

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OK, I admit it.  I’m spoiled.  The gym I go to is usually empty during my workout.  I’m there six mornings each week and I could count on a clumsy butcher’s hand how many people I have to share the room with.  I’ve mentioned this a few times and it has been suggested by a reader or two that I somehow repel those who would ordinarily be working out… but I have to wonder.  I’m not saying that I’m not naturally repellent but it appears to me that gym population tends to be more cyclical than anything else.

January to mid-February is like some kind of county fair thing going on in there.  We’re like livestock- bumping into each other as we move from station to station.  By March I’m alone again.  It’s packed again for the first two weeks in June as (I’m guessing) people prep for swimsuit and (I’m wildly guessing because of the types of people working out) wedding season.  A few people come in on Saturdays but typically it’s just me (and one or two others, maybe) again until January.

Am I trying to impress anybody by pointing out what a die-hard gym rat I am?  I really don’t think people are all that impressed by hearing about a big fat guy going to the gym all the time.  Hmm, what’s the word that comes to mind?  Oh yeah, I think its “meh“.

Anyway, the purpose of this journal has always been to provide a reminder to me of all I’ve had to do to get myself back to a healthy weight again; to chronicle what’s motivated me, what’s worked, what hasn’t, and to really pay attention to all aspects of the entire experience.  Why?  Mainly to ensure I don’t ever have to repeat it.

So what is it about today’s entry that is going to help me keep it going?  The notion that exercise isn’t a cyclical event.  That exercise shouldn’t be a reaction to any particular tradition or day on a calendar, and it shouldn’t just be preparation for periodic events.  Exercise should be a part of daily life- and that means every day.

So, to the throng I expect to see at the gym in January, I kinda hope you keep on going- but I hear the gym up on the hill is a lot nicer than the place I go (and it’s usually pretty empty too).

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4 Responses to (Day 549 / -160 lbs.) Resolutions-Smezzolutions. I Want To Start Changing Now!

  1. Clara says:

    I just found your blog. You’re amazing! I really like the fact that you’re using common sense, exercise, and healthy choices to take off the weight. That’s what I’ve said I want to do. Sadly I’m not following thru as well as you, but I’m really trying to change that. Your story is great motivation!

  2. Cosmos says:

    I do the exercises only twice or thrice a day! I shall try to do them every day.

  3. K43 says:

    Nice reminder… excercise really shouldn’t be a cyclical thing. I need to get back on to the every day routine myself. Keep up the good work.

  4. Awesome progress,great to see you got the fire to work harder

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