(Day 1171 / -151lbs.) Confirmation Is Deliciously Disappointing

Screen shot 2010-08-06 at 8.51.24 AM.pngI still hold fast to the idea that weight loss is based on a simple equation: Calories Consumed – Calories Burned / 3500 = Change. The more negative the number, the better– so long as I am eating a nutritiously balanced diet and not completely starving myself. It is an idea that has worked pretty well for me and something that makes sense without a whole bunch of magic mumbo jumbo, chemicals, surgery, or someone screaming in my face.

It is also an idea confirmed during a segment of one of the podcasts I listen to while making my sweaty circuit around the track and bleachers. None other than The Skeptics’ Guide To The Universe— a thoroughly enjoyable auditory indulgence that confirms and articulates many of my views on a lot of things- and in general, gets my old pumpkin stirred up with thoughts and junk. It rocks.

Anyhoo, during this particular episode they discussed an article written by one of the hosts. He (Steven Novella) wrote an article entitled “Meat and Weight Control” for the Science-Based Medicine blog which I found to be quite compelling. The gist: it isn’t so much what but HOW MUCH (calorie-wise) I eat and the combination of portion control and regular exercise is the only REAL way to lose weight.

Rock on.

P.S. I used frozen mango chunks rather than frozen blueberries in this morning’s smoothie. Good stuff. (292 KCals, 28.26g Protein, 40.69g Carbs, 2.12g Fat)

1S 100% Whey Protein (chocolate flavored)
2 Dried Plums
1C Frozen Mango Chunks
1S Crystal Light Pure Fitness Strawberry Kiwi
1C Baby Spinach (fresh)

Screen shot 2010-08-06 at 7.19.22 AM.png
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  1. Patrick says:

    Calories Consumed ā€“ Calories Burned / 3500 = Change… I’m a believer in this formula. I don’t count anything, just eyeball all the way, but I have this concept in mind as I portion my food by eye throughout the day.

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