Forty-seven was a Pretty Good Year

So, we’re two weeks into 2009 and I’m just a tad befuddled. Where is everyone? Why are there only three if us in the gym? Last year, the place was crowded through February- this year, nada. The “pose and gossip“/resistance training class was cancelled because there weren’t enough people enrolled and even the aerobinazi has fewer bodies to scream at. What gives? Have New Year’s resolutions become passé, or has everyone transfigured into physical perfection over the past year?

Truth is, neither is relevant to my own little predicament. I don’t need to make resolutions because I am self-mandated to improve each and every day and that, dear soon-to-be-Steve v4.8, is the crux of my transfiguration.

Change relies on decision only long enough to set the wheels in motion. Once decided, it’s all action, baby. It isn’t an annual tradition made to break in 90 days, it’s life from here on out. It isn’t joining an aerobics class an hour a day three times a week, it being the class, teacher and student 24/7/365. Decide, do, be.

Moving on…

I’ve been tracking what I eat over at FitDay. It is truly an eye-opener and an aggravation to discover how much crap enters my gullet without thought. Tracking it adds thought, and what I’m thinking is that paying attention to what I eat has got to be a habit I create for myself so that it becomes more automatic/subconscious. Right now I’m thinking that there really isn’t any reason why a habit of healthy eating in moderation cannot be created by just doing this each and every day for the next month. Now that sounds like a plan. I’ve decided, that’s what I’ll do, so that’s how it’s going to be.

Rock on.