Hello, Goodbyes

Fridays nights are traditionally our “Friday Night Pizza and a Movie Night” (®, ©, Pat. Pend. ;)). I look forward to it- it’s a relaxing time during which we crank up a family-friendly movie and try out some increasingly awesome pizza conglomerations (either homemade or from some of the local places). We have a pretty good time together as a family as we chat through (MST3K-style) whatever the kids decide to pop in the DVD player. Did I mention it’s a relaxing time for me?

So the other night I slept through parts of what turned out to be a pretty good movie- WALL-E. What I did catch was enough to get me interested in it enough to watch it on my own- and I’m glad I did. I’m not going to review the movie, but rather just say that it contains some blatant lessons on how to become a fatty and more importantly, the opposite: personal responsibility, independence, and the importance of getting off my okole and taking action. I may just watch it again.

So here I go, all motivated and hitting the gym with laserbeam focus- not relying on my technological overlords to make me skinny. I know that whatever I become will be my own responsibility. It always has been- no getting away from that. So long as I keep moving towards my goals, my future will not include a hover-recliner.

Rollin’ on…

I’ve been concentrating on mixing it up at the gym. I discovered that I’ve conditioned myself to perform a finite set of movements in the limited number of machines I have available to me. No more. Over the past week or so I’ve been adding a few things that I’ve ignored. I continue to subscribe to Men’s Health Magazine and it, along with several sites on the web, have been useful in reigniting my spark. I’ve lost a couple of pounds since my last weigh-in and that also helps increase my drive and momentum.