How This Did Start to Stop

So here's the deal, I was a pretty active guy; athletic, thin, energetic. I stayed fit until my late 20's and then gradually became less active and ate a lot more.

Guess what- I got fat, really fat. Obese.

It was May 21, 2007 that I decided the time had come for change, drastic change. I decided that obesity just wasn't my thing and set about losing weight. Here's the thing though, I would do it without pills, potions, or program, just common sense, exercise and healthy choices.

This blog started it's life as "Steve v4.6" because I was 46 years old. My goal was to lose 150 pounds before my next birthday, at which time it (and I) would become Steve v4.7. That happened on my birthday, June 6, 2008- marking not only my birthday but also a loss of 148 pounds.

My goal now is to lose another 40 pounds before my next (v4.8) birthday by applying everything I learned during the past 380 days.