Man Cannot Live off Bread, Alone

A month without bread? Why not? Meh, Ok.

That was the consensus when I suggested the idea to my wife. It was the day after Valentines day and she was drunk on candy and love, and whatnot, and very agreeable. And with seemingly boundless enthusiasm, we went an entire month without eating anything bread-ish.

What we interpreted "bread" to be can probably be best described by examples of things we normally ate. Bread (Dave's Killer Bread), pizza (the go-to when no one can decide on dinner), cookies (my personal kryptonite), cake, brownies, pancakes, waffles, gravy, and a bunch of stuff we identified as containing flour. We also gave up dairy-- more on that some other time.

Was it difficult? I'm a guy with a vary narrow range of culinary prowess. I'm not good at cooking, I don't measure ingredients or look at recipes or menus. I specialize in fast. If the family is hungry, I can change that in thirty minutes or less. That means my mental menu is sparse but efficient and that bread and milk are staples. So yes, it was a little difficult. The thing is, when I thought about it, it really was the simplest way to eat.

Meats, vegetables, fruits... done.

Lean-ish meats from animals, vegetables and fruits from dirt. And not a lot of cooking. Most of the meats a done is less than 15 minutes, and most of the plants stuff was uncooked. It was highly efficient and tasted good to me. I could do this 4-eva. Forgot to mention that I have a teenage daughter. That kind of food is not to her liking.

Struggles aside, my wife lost almost 5lbs and my pants are feeling a lot looser.