The Time I Wrote About What Has Become Taboo

If weight loss were a religion, scripture would warn us against cookies. Over-indulgence and my gaining a freakin' pound this weekend has me feeling repentant. Thus, an excerpt from the Book of Cookies, Chapter 3, verse 11 and 12:

Damn thy sweet crunchy goodness thou slayer of diets, thou foiler of shrinkage! I curse thy coconut, thy chocolate chip, thy caramel and beg mercy. For thou art mighty though be ye small and cunning- yes! For though my plate be full one moment, verily it is empty the next and I remember not thy consumption. Surely ye shall be my undoing should I not regain my will.

Woe be unto the children of men, for they will savor not thy sweetness, thy crunch, for father has eaten them all, and shared with them not. It is temptation that triumphs over thee and makes clothing bind and belly jiggle. Eat them not, thy Berry Thumbprint, thy Macaroon, for therein lies peril and thy doom.

OK, so weight loss need not become a religion but it certainly needs to become a habit. I've made some bad choices this past weekend but I've refocused, hit the gym hard this morning, and my wife has put the cookies out of reach. Color me, "back on the wagon".