Let The Re-Programming Re-Begin!

Once upon a time (circa Steve v4.6), I was a fat guy with a goal- lose 150 lbs between birthdays. Well, I didn’t make it. I only lost 148 lbs. and felt better, both physically and emotionally, than I had in a long time. I guess you could say it was a lose-win situation, or maybe lose-lose-win, I dunno- I don’t know tech-stuff. Anyway, I lost a butt-load of weight and felt pretty good about it all. Anyone who stuck with me and read my blog over the course of that little undertaking can confirm that I was really into the whole weight loss thing and was all jazzed about my self-perceived success.

My method was simple; eat less, move more. It worked. I lost a lot (did I mention “buttload”?) of weight- and did it without taking any miracle pills, dietary aids, special exercise programs, diet meetings, or coaches, or anything else that I consider to be “external motivators”. Just me, the gym, the stairs, and a “can-do” attitude. Again, it worked.

Here’s the thing though- “simple” isn’t the same as “easy”. Even though I created and maintained some pretty good habits that produced some pretty spectacular results, I also slacked off from time to time and let things slip. Those little slips can turn into an almost unnoticeable slide and pretty soon the butt-load starts creeping back into your life. Not a good thing.

So here I am, whacking myself upside my own head, working up the same level of motivation again. My birthday is in June, by then I will lose 60 lbs. Period. I’m starting right now and am simply going to repeat everything that worked for me in the past. I will follow the simple steps every day- those two simple things that brought so much success in the past. I don’t expect it to be easy.