Upcoming Product Reviews


These are products I intend to use in my effort to get back in shape. Some of them are things I already have while others are items I hope will help in creating a more healthy lifestyle. Your results might differ from mine.

Hamilton Beach 8 Cup Food Processor

I've had the thing for about a week now and have used it three times. Enough for an adequate review? Probably not- but I hope it is good enough for a report on my impressions thus far. I've used it to make some "healthy" flour-and-sugar-free cookies (pretty thick dough), tuna, egg, and carrot salad (an ingredient-drop-and-pulse-and done, thing), and some salsa (another single-step deal). It worked as one would expect, and the results were exactly as I wanted. So, good deal-- especially for the price. That said, the thing is pretty cheap feeling, light-weight plastic. But unless it blows apart and ninjas me with that super-sharp blade, I'm pretty satisfied.