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The Time I Realized Something

Being an old fat guy isn't fun in and of itself, but the journey here was enjoyable. I can address the fat part, old seems to be a one-way trip.




It’s A Puzzler- and Other Things Old Farts Say

The ripe old age of 52 is a puzzler. While I don't feel my age is holding me back at all, I feel recovering from activities takes a bit longer than it once did. Lift all the weights? Fine, no problem. Moving my elbows and shoulders the next day? Problem. Hell, it's a problem for weeks.

Most days I feel pretty good- not all days though. Sometimes I get winded pedaling up the little hill to the gym. Some days I get winded putting on my shoes. I usually blame the quality of my previous-night's sleep, but I think that its because I'm getting old.

But is that really the reason for all my physical ails? Really?


(Day 2258) The Day I Took a Leap of Logic

I'm looking at November as a month of possibilities.

It's possible that I could lose weight and get in better shape this month. Given that it is November, and the thirty-day container of probably my most favorite of all holidays (Thanksgiving), the probability if that is less than, say, August- when there aren't any holidays to speak of and Im sweating out the dog days of summer and thinking that anything I cram in my gullet is going to cause some sort of gastro-discomfort and blooming of my muffin-top over the waistband of my swim trunks. Those same swim trunks that were so flattering on the catalog model gracing some un-named website.

I don't remember if I even looked at the picture of the suit itself, I just went all left-brain and found 1. Size, 2. Price, and 3. Free Shipping, and nothing beyond that before pulling the trigger on what I was sure would just be a dynamite set of short that would cover my tuckus for the best price. Awesome possum, send me my shorts and get my butt to the lake.

Anyhoo, November is a serious month for a few reasons. First, I've seen way too many pictures of myself and if I can get it together during a month so frought with food, I'm sure I can make some lasting dents in areas of my body whos bulges could use some denting… and make it last. Second, it is NaNoWriMo and this is the year I'm going to accomplish something I've always wanted to do but have never been truly committed to doing: writing a novel. Fun part- doing it in thirty days. Third, I'm getting a new step tracker to count my activity throughout the day. My last one (actually the one I'm wearing right now) is totally whack and the company is sending me a new one.

The thing is, I really shouldn't need a starting-off point. Every re-entry into consciousness should be one. Everytime I open my eyes from more than a long blink should bring with it a commitment to act; an expression of the desire for constant improvement. Isn't that what consciousness is all about?


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How To Master Any Skill

The One When I Said, “Wut?”

I’ve been feeling like a bloated whale-man recently. Normally I would ponder the possible reason for such malaise, but I’d rather just not feel this way and analyze it. The thing is, we’re knocking on the door of Spring and I think I’ve been feeling confined and blah for so long that I’ve nibbled myself into being an overstuffed, mildly apathetic hulk of junk food and angst. Ta-dah! Analysis complete.

The cool thing is that I believe I’ve hit a threshold. I’m feeling angst-y enough to do something about it and have enough opportunities to get out of my cave and, well, leave my bloated blotto-ness in my rearview mirror.

Careful Steve-o, objects may be closer than they appear.

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(Day 1806) The One Where I Write Something Myself

There was a guy I knew once upon a time that used to say, “Too soon old, too late smart,” a lot. Somehow he would work it into just about every conversation. I was fairly young by my geriatric standards and never paid much attention to anything the old guy (who I would still consider relatively young now) but he said it often enough that I never forgot.

I believe I’ve come to epitomize that phrase.

It kinda sucks. It also lights a fire where an ember only dimly glowed. It’s about time.

Too soon old, never too late to wizen-up.

Rock on.

(Day 1536) Such As It Is, This Is It

We all judge. People judge me; some look down, others up. I judge, I’d like to think from a position of concern- an empathy for those with similar struggles. The thing is, my judgement of other’s perceptions of themselves is way off-base much of the time. I’ll see someone who I imagine is struggling with their weight and I’ll find myself feeling badly that they’re suffering.

Many times they aren’t suffering at all. Maybe I should judge.

Rock on.

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