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The Time I Realized Something

Being an old fat guy isn't fun in and of itself, but the journey here was enjoyable. I can address the fat part, old seems to be a one-way trip.      

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It’s A Puzzler- and Other Things Old Farts Say

The ripe old age of 52 is a puzzler. While I don't feel my age is holding me back at all, I feel recovering from activities takes a bit longer than it once did. Lift all the weights? Fine, no … Continue reading

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(Day 2258) The Day I Took a Leap of Logic

I'm looking at November as a month of possibilities. It's possible that I could lose weight and get in better shape this month. Given that it is November, and the thirty-day container of probably my most favorite of all holidays … Continue reading

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How To Master Any Skill

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The One When I Said, “Wut?”

I’ve been feeling like a bloated whale-man recently. Normally I would ponder the possible reason for such malaise, but I’d rather just not feel this way and analyze it. The thing is, we’re knocking on the door of Spring and … Continue reading

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