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It’s A Puzzler- and Other Things Old Farts Say

The ripe old age of 52 is a puzzler. While I don't feel my age is holding me back at all, I feel recovering from activities takes a bit longer than it once did. Lift all the weights? Fine, no problem. Moving my elbows and shoulders the next day? Problem. Hell, it's a problem for weeks.

Most days I feel pretty good- not all days though. Sometimes I get winded pedaling up the little hill to the gym. Some days I get winded putting on my shoes. I usually blame the quality of my previous-night's sleep, but I think that its because I'm getting old.

But is that really the reason for all my physical ails? Really?


Fats Info That Didn’t Originate Within My (fat) Head

I’ve often said that there are few-to-no original thoughts occupying my skull- not that I originally made that statement. I think it was a claim made against me by another gentle human. As in, “You didn’t come up with that!” or “We were sharing a moment, please find your own table in the restaurant.” Anyway, I thought I’d share a short blurb I received in an email from the folks at the link appearing at the bottom of their blurb.  

Fats and Dieting

When you’re trying to lose weight, you may be tempted to cut out fats. But keeping some fat in your diet can help satisfy your hunger longer, and some types of fat are really good for your health. Healthy fats can help protect you from heart disease, and they can help you look and feel your best.

For weight loss, try to get some healthy fat each day from sources like these:

  • Seeds and nuts
  • Avocados and olives
  • Fatty fish (like salmon)
  • Olive or canola oil

But remember: some other types of fat are not good for you at all. These are saturated fats and trans fats. These fats are typically found in red meat and pork, fried foods, potato chips, and packaged cookies. It’s best to limit these when you can.

To learn more about which fats are good for you and how much fat you need in your diet, check with your doctor or a registered dietitian.

Everyone Needs a Coach™. Visit today.

I don’t know that “Everyone Needs a Coach™”, but they are the source of this blurb(tm)— so credit where credit is due, I s’pose.

Continue awesomeness.

(Day 1779) Control Type 2 Diabetes with a Balanced Diet

Today’s is a guest post from our friends at

For some people, diet is the ultimate four-letter word. But for type 2 diabetes patients, it needs to be at the top of their vocabulary list. A well-balanced diet is one of the keys to keeping this debilitating disease under control.

With type 2 diabetes, the right food plan can mean the difference between controlled blood sugar and a trip to the emergency room. Because type 2 diabetes happens when your body can’t properly control your blood sugar and insulin levels, it’s important to regulate your caloric intake. Even with that, it’s more than just portion control. It’s about getting the right balance of foods and eliminating the bad stuff.

The first step to a successful diabetes diet is to become in tune with food labels. These offer a good glimpse into your future health. While it can be overwhelming, the American Diabetes Association (ADA) also has some key points to remember when introducing a new diet into your life:

  • Carbohydrates – It’s important to remember that carbohydrates raise blood-glucose levels, which is usually not a good thing for someone with diabetes unless your blood sugar is low. Generally, foods like potatoes and white flour should be eaten in moderation. Instead, opt for healthier carbohydrates, which include sweet potatoes and whole-wheat flour, in moderation.
  • Protein – Lean cuts of meat, such as lean steak or fish, are always smarter choices for meals. Cut out the fatty meats and seafood covered in butter and sauces.
  • Sugar – It’s OK to have some sugar, but watch it carefully. Keep a close eye on food labels for both natural and added sugars.
  • Superfoods – The ADA says certain foods are perfect for a type 2 diet. Those include beans, green leafy vegetables, sweet potatoes and citrus fruits. Again, moderation is key.

When examining the need for a specialized type 2 diabetes diet, remember that the alternative isn’t very appealing. Instead of controlling this disease with diet and exercise, some think medication is the easy way out. Nothing can be further from the truth. In fact, studies show that the most popular type 2 diabetes drug, Actos, can lead to disabling and deadly diseases.

Actos, also known as pioglitazone, has been linked to congestive heart failure, broken bones, blindness and bladder cancer.

A study by the drug’s manufacturer, Takeda Pharmaceuticals, found that Actos increases the risk of bladder cancer by 40 percent in those taking the drug longer than a year. Recent independent studies show that risk could be as much as 80 percent. Worse yet, Takeda is accused of hiding the drug’s adverse effects to increase drug sales.

In response to this news, European drug regulators have responded with swift and exacting measures. In Germany and France, the drug was immediately banned. In the United States, however, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has taken a more leisurely approach. Federal drug regulators added new wording to the drug’s label about the connection to bladder cancer. In the meantime, the FDA is waiting for Takeda to finish a 10-year study into the drug. Many patients, who can’t afford to wait that long, have filed an Actos lawsuit against Takeda.

(Day 1665) Steve Checks In- Although It Appears He Has Checked Out



“Where are my manners?

Steve, I’d like to (re)introduce you to your Ambitions. You remember them- those lofty goals you had every intention of relentlessly pursuing until they were achieved or the day you died- whichever came first. They’ve been hanging out well beyond the horizon for some time now and you never invite them to the party anymore. I mean, what the hell, you were going places young man!

But wait, did I say “young” man? You just aren’t one of those anymore, Steve, ol’ buddy. You’re on the downside of the half-century mark and slipping towards the abyss. You’re getting invites from AARP and senior pricing at the theater is no longer a pipe dream. I’m talking Golden Girl in drag my friend- just that you know who the Golden Girls were is a little telling, if you know what I mean.

Ok, Jiminy (yes, Jiminy is what I’ve named my conscience- that little imaginary wingman who keeps me from doing a Mary Poppins off the roof, or eating a jar of mayonnaise) I’ve heard just about enough and everyone knows that I believe guilt to be a useless emotion invented by my mother to remind me to call her on her birthday.

Besides, my Ambitions are right here in front of me, and they’ve always been invited to the party. It’s just that sometimes Life kind of has to be the life of the party and my ambitions are pushed off center stage for a minute or two until Life inevitably does the ol’ lampshade-on-the-head-pants-around-the-ankles trick and isn’t taken so seriously anymore. Then I’m all over my Ambitions, getting frisky, even making out a little. Hey, I can remember getting to 2nd base many a time, my friend. So, Jiminy, I’m glad you’re here. Pour yourself a drink and look around for Opportunity ’cause I’m lookin’.”

…and …scene

Obvously, the landscape within my skull is a rather muddy place– a murky environ that requires constant mucking. That is not to say that I don’t imagine imaginary conversations with imaginary characters who preserve my best interests– OK, I don’t, not really. The thing is, if I were to have these imaginary conversations each day at say, 10:35AM– well, they would probably go something like what I described above; a short, meaningless dialog followed by a tickle fight that leaves one one of us a little embarrassed when the other soils himself in a private area while riding on very public transportation.

P.S. Jiminy chided me for caving-in and having one of those new jalapeno burgers from Carl’s Jr. last week but also congratulated me for sticking with my exercise routine and dropping a pound over the course of the same period. Thanks, Jiminy- you glorious, imaginary bastard!

Rock on.


(Day 1380) Entrenched In A Rut, Time To Bust My Butt

Gasoline Pump.jpeg

So, the days roll on and I continue to plod on through; gym, smoothies, little plates, all that stuff I’ve learned over the past several years, etc. It has been quite a trip thus far and I have learned a lot though I’ve probably forgotten more than I’ve learned.  I guess that is why I strive to write stuff down.  Hey, sometime I may even read what I’ve written instead of just doing some kind of brain barf here on the keyboard and never looking at it again.


Hmm… why don’t I try it now? I mean, what was I like back in the day? Let me see… How about a little flash from the past….


An entry dated 9/27/2007 (a.k.a. “one of the good lo days)


(Day 129 / -83 lbs.) Failure is as Easy as Pie

Today was a track day and I was lucky to have been accompanied by my wife. She’s been recuperating from her first race last Saturday and was feeling good enough to give it a go. I’m really proud of her. She started running less than a year ago and she’s already competing- and placing. She placed 6th in her first race and is completely jazzed about continuing on to more competitions. She’s awesome!

With that kind of inspiration how can I possibly fail?

Easily. It’s all about choice.

I could have chosen to stay in bed this morning; cuddled up in my nice warm comforter, pillow just-right, room just cool enough. I chose instead to head to the track, hand in hand with my wife, to burn some calories.

I could have loaded up on pancakes, eggs and sausage for breakfast this morning. Instead I chose my usual protein smoothie.

I could sit here and snack on M&M’s while I work, but I won’t. I choose to stick to my plan and eat small, healthy meals at regular intervals throughout the day.

Choosing is such a simple activity. “I choose to make the right choices.” There, done. How simple was that? Notice I say simple rather than easy.

Choosing becomes easier when I consider the consequence/reward resulting from my choice. I know what happens when I sit all day and pound the M&M’s. I know how much better I feel after going to the track or the gym. I know how great I feel when I’m putting on a pair of pants that haven’t been able to wear in ten years- and they fit! I know. I know.

A simple choice yields either failure or success. I choose success.


Wow, that takes me back. I was such a fired-up mess. I hope to recapture some of the enthusiasm from yesteryear.


Rock on.

(Day 1321) Priming The Pump To Dump The Rump

Who’d a thunk it? Here I am alive and well in the 21st century, realizing a future one could have only imagined way back in the olden days. Yes sir, jet packs and seven-course meals-in-a-pill — science fiction-science fact. Everyone is fit and thin and oh-so good-looking. Whoa! Back that spaceship up and read the signs again (and check the mirror, Steve. You’re looking kind of awdaben this morning).

The thing is, not all that much has changed– at least in the realm of me losing my gut and working towards a better, more fit future. I still believe that there is nothing beyond my time-proven “simple equation of yore” that is going to help me lose/maintain proper weight. It remains that simple– which reminds me of something: the rut.

If you’re a hunter of big game animals, the rut is a good time to be hunting. During the time of the rut, males of whatever particular species you’re after seem to throw caution to the wind and worry less about hunters and more about where the females are hanging out. It gets all Discovery Channel out there in the woods as Mother Nature works her magic to replenish the fauna. Whew! Is it getting hot in here? Enough dirty talk.

My “rut” is characterized by a hell of a lot less hanky-panky and not surprisingly, fewer fauna. Mine is the kind of rut characterized by a less than enthusiastic trudge to the gym, a going-through-the-motions workout, and culminates in the longest-of-sighs when I return home before slipping into my next activity, or should I say “rut”. Ahem. It occurs to me that life can turn into a series of ruts- kind of like the grooves on a record (those things that old-timers used to spin music out of– ask your grandma).

One of my goals this month is to create new and more exciting ruts. No, not really– what I mean is that I intend to shake things up a bit and implement more ways to improve myself– maybe even go a little “Discovery Channel”.

Rock on.

Where You Been? Pondering Bad English Whilst Hiking and Shrinking In The Woods

dmuledeer.jpegToday is officially my first day back from hunting mule deer in the wilds of central Oregon. Now before anyone goes all PETA-licious on me, know that i’ve never during the course of my existence, ever, shot a deer. I’ve had them in my crosshairs many times– the thing is, I’ve never been compelled/hungry enough to pull the trigger. I suppose that if my family were hungry enough or deer suddenly developed a taste for me I could do it and we’d be having some delicious venison for dinner tonight. So as it is, I like hunting but I’m not really into killing.

What do I like about hunting? For me it gives purpose to camping. Don’t get me wrong, camping is OK. Sleeping outdoors for brief periods of time, cooking over a campfire, neglecting personal hygiene, and getting away from it all is… something. The thing is, I like my bed, my shower, and all the comfortable stuff we work so hard to afford. Abandoning it seems a little illogical. Illogical fun for the whole family!

When I’m hunting, I do all the fun camping stuff– but I do it because I’m camping where the deer are. I sleep in a tent or our camp trailer, cook outdoors, and hike all over creation while carrying several pounds of gun and gear. Not just hiking, but employing all the concentrated observation and stealth I can muster. If concentration burns calories, well, I’m on a high simmer while hunting. All the stalking, sneaking, and chasing is a pretty good workout– and looking at a deer through a 3-9x scope just makes my heart go pitter-pat for some reason. I blame it on testosterone and having watched TV westerns as a child.

Food-wise, the past couple of weeks was a little weird. I literally lived on trail-mix bars and apples the entire time. It’s true. Most days my diet consisted of three (140 calorie) trail mix bars and an apple. Couple meager consumption with all that hiking and you’ve got a recipe for a camo-loosening couple of weeks, and loosen they did. About halfway through the trip I was feeling pretty good and less like a big pile of lumbering landscape wearing an orange hat. Good times.

Rock on.

Steve is a (less) Fat Man!

131 lbs. lost
and I still have a ways to go!

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