The Time When No One Told Me What To Do

Ok, I have always been all about making my weight loss experience “free from diet plans, pills, classes, or surgery.“ That’s why I took advantage of the free health coaching provided by my health insurance company. The distinction? Free.

Not that I would go for a FREE plans, FREE pills, FREE classes, or FREE surgery. No, I’ve got to maintain that line. This is a solo venture. I mean, I gained the weight on my own- I’ll lose on my own.

And that’s exactly the attitude of my free health coach.

I’m only three into my free 12 session benefit, but so far I’ve been told that everything we do during my 20-minute consultation has to come from me. I have to provide: answers to questions regarding my current health, the affirmation/excuse in regard to completing goals I set in previous sessions, the topic for the current session, ways to address the topic, a goal to achive before the next session, and the date and time of the next session. That’s right, its still all me. 

What does the Coach do? Sympathize and reflect. That’s it. I guess we’ll see if that’s enough.

Continue awesomeness.

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The Time I Had to Set a New Goal

U-Turn AheadHere’s the thing– I was a motivated, focused, and achieving son-of-a-gun during the first couple of years of this blog. Things were working and I was losing weight. Lots of it. I trimmed down and was feeling pretty good about myself. The “success” I enjoyed has gradually eroded and I fell into some of my old habits. The result was an increase in weight– not quite back to where I was at the start, but enough to cause concern. As of this date (9/20/14) I have set a goal to lose 80 pounds. Time to turn this juggernaut around.

This morning’s smoothie (approx. 300 kCal):
Cytosport Chocolate Muscle Milk Protein Powder – 1/2 Scoop
Nutrivia Chia Seeds – 1/2 T
Kale – 1/2 C
Cuties California Mandarine (w/peel) – 1
Wawona Frozen Mang Chunks – 1/2 C
Carrot – 1 medium
Adams 100% Natural Peanut Butter – 1 T

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The Time That Proper Persepective Made Me Feel Small

I can fill a doorway, a closet, a portion of an elevator. I can obscure the view of the screen at a movie theater, the podium at a lecture, and the sun if you stand close enough. I’m 6’5″ and proportioned toward monstrosity (including but not limited to freakishly long arms) but stand far enough away, I’m quite petite.

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The Time My Mind Exited, Stage Left

Thoughts on Relationships…

Have you ever been in a race? More than one, or perhaps been on your school track team? Did you win every race?

If you didn’t, were you emotionally devastated to the point of quitting after each loss?

If yes, you aren’t ready for a relationship.

If no, why not?

Did you blame the winner for your loss? Insult them? Try to hurt them?

If yes, you aren’t ready for a relationship.

If no, why not?

Here’s the thing, relationships are like a three-legged race. That type of race where a team of two races side-by-side with their adjacent legs tied together, adjacent arms over eachothers’ shoulders for support, crossing the finish line simultaneously. The goal being to cross that line ahead of the other teams.

In a relationship, that three-legged team is racing against the statistic that half of those entering– will never finish the race unless they are emotionally ready to run the race and cross the finish line together… without inflicting blame, insult, or injury upon the person to whom they are tied.

To make things even more complicated, the team doesn’t know where the finish line is. They run through what seem like endless obstacles with some people cheering them on and others trying to distract one partner or the other. When, and if, they finally cross the finish line together, there is no trophy, the only prize are the memories they created running the race together.



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The Time I left Stuff on My Plate

Thoughts on consumption

It occurs to me that consumption can become a problem. Conversely, creation (as an antonym of consumption) is rarely a negative. More on that…

The consumption of which I speak is a general term meaning the taking-in of things both tangible and not (so tangible). Eating is consumption. Watching television is consumption, drinking is consumption, surfing the web is consumption, and just about any other activity that involves things entering your body as opposed to leaving it.

Simple idea, amiright?

Creation by means of physical and/or mental effort is, more often than not, a generally positive thing. Creation should pre-empt consumption. Making your own food, as a short-stroke example, is a net-better transaction than, say, having food made for you. The effort exerted in creation somehow offsets the (negative) consumptive aspect of merely swallowing calories.

My focus henceforth will be to create more than I consume.

Continue awesomeness.


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