The Time I Realized Something

Being an old fat guy isn't fun in and of itself, but the journey here was enjoyable. I can address the fat part, old seems to be a one-way trip.




The Time I Left a Post Untitled, Then Titled It “Distraction” Later

We recently returned from a family caping trip. The departure from the usual distractions of everyday life helped to increase my awareness and allow for a little introspection.

One of the things that became evident soon into the trip was that I was eating less. I believe this was due to new distractions. I was merely too distracted to eat. Some distractions are beneficial.



It’s A Puzzler- and Other Things Old Farts Say

The ripe old age of 52 is a puzzler. While I don't feel my age is holding me back at all, I feel recovering from activities takes a bit longer than it once did. Lift all the weights? Fine, no problem. Moving my elbows and shoulders the next day? Problem. Hell, it's a problem for weeks.

Most days I feel pretty good- not all days though. Sometimes I get winded pedaling up the little hill to the gym. Some days I get winded putting on my shoes. I usually blame the quality of my previous-night's sleep, but I think that its because I'm getting old.

But is that really the reason for all my physical ails? Really?


No Gout About It, or Urica, I’m Sissified

Ouch like a mofo!

James Gillray, 1799

Wow, I really overuse the puns. They're a cheap and easy vehicle for hitching whatever moronic ideas I wish to convey. Apologies to my future self or whomever maybe might read this in the future.

Thanksgiving at the Steve House was a multiple- as in we celebrated twice. That's right, two feasts less than a week apart. One of my sons came home for a short visit, so the extended family gathered and gorged. That was the Friday prior to actual Thanksgiving but it worked for everybody even better than the actual Day. We then decided to do a repeat on said actual Day and gorged again.

It was delicious- both days. I barbecued the turkeys pretty-much the same way each time and somehow they came out tasting really good. The difference was in the glaze; apple-sage on the first, and orange on the second. Day-um, so good.

The thing is, I ate turkey mostly nonstop (save for while sleeping and a few other distracting activities) for almost seven days in a row. I had incarnations of turkey-this and turkey-that in much the same variety as Bubba Gump has shrimp, and all of them were good.

Turns out, I don't have a lot of self control when it comes to turkey iteration consumption. The same is true when it comes to gravy, sausage-laced stuffing, and oodles of other high-protein and fat deliciousness.

Thursday night, the pain set in. Just a little stabby-sensation in the first joint of my big toe. By 3AM the next morning it was a throbby-stabbing, firey intensity of hellfire that kept me awake and disavowed of comfort for the next four days. It was zero-fun. If you've ever had gout, you're probably a lot tougher than I am but have an idea of what I'm talking about. If you've never had gout, good for you. Don't. It sucks.

Continue awesomeness.


(Day 2258) The Day I Took a Leap of Logic

I'm looking at November as a month of possibilities.

It's possible that I could lose weight and get in better shape this month. Given that it is November, and the thirty-day container of probably my most favorite of all holidays (Thanksgiving), the probability if that is less than, say, August- when there aren't any holidays to speak of and Im sweating out the dog days of summer and thinking that anything I cram in my gullet is going to cause some sort of gastro-discomfort and blooming of my muffin-top over the waistband of my swim trunks. Those same swim trunks that were so flattering on the catalog model gracing some un-named website.

I don't remember if I even looked at the picture of the suit itself, I just went all left-brain and found 1. Size, 2. Price, and 3. Free Shipping, and nothing beyond that before pulling the trigger on what I was sure would just be a dynamite set of short that would cover my tuckus for the best price. Awesome possum, send me my shorts and get my butt to the lake.

Anyhoo, November is a serious month for a few reasons. First, I've seen way too many pictures of myself and if I can get it together during a month so frought with food, I'm sure I can make some lasting dents in areas of my body whos bulges could use some denting… and make it last. Second, it is NaNoWriMo and this is the year I'm going to accomplish something I've always wanted to do but have never been truly committed to doing: writing a novel. Fun part- doing it in thirty days. Third, I'm getting a new step tracker to count my activity throughout the day. My last one (actually the one I'm wearing right now) is totally whack and the company is sending me a new one.

The thing is, I really shouldn't need a starting-off point. Every re-entry into consciousness should be one. Everytime I open my eyes from more than a long blink should bring with it a commitment to act; an expression of the desire for constant improvement. Isn't that what consciousness is all about?


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Fats Info That Didn’t Originate Within My (fat) Head

I’ve often said that there are few-to-no original thoughts occupying my skull- not that I originally made that statement. I think it was a claim made against me by another gentle human. As in, “You didn’t come up with that!” or “We were sharing a moment, please find your own table in the restaurant.” Anyway, I thought I’d share a short blurb I received in an email from the folks at the link appearing at the bottom of their blurb.  

Fats and Dieting

When you’re trying to lose weight, you may be tempted to cut out fats. But keeping some fat in your diet can help satisfy your hunger longer, and some types of fat are really good for your health. Healthy fats can help protect you from heart disease, and they can help you look and feel your best.

For weight loss, try to get some healthy fat each day from sources like these:

  • Seeds and nuts
  • Avocados and olives
  • Fatty fish (like salmon)
  • Olive or canola oil

But remember: some other types of fat are not good for you at all. These are saturated fats and trans fats. These fats are typically found in red meat and pork, fried foods, potato chips, and packaged cookies. It’s best to limit these when you can.

To learn more about which fats are good for you and how much fat you need in your diet, check with your doctor or a registered dietitian.

Everyone Needs a Coach™. Visit today.

I don’t know that “Everyone Needs a Coach™”, but they are the source of this blurb(tm)— so credit where credit is due, I s’pose.

Continue awesomeness.

(Day ? ) It’s Nice Outside, Just Not My Outside

Fall has to be my favorite time of year. Beautiful weather that's no too hot or cold, changing colors amongst the flora, and so on and so forth. Today I decided to walk to lunch, or rather, for lunch. The cool thing is that I've been wearing a step-tracker and this will provide a boost to the number of steps I take today- something that has become oddly important– because of the aforementioned device.

More about that later.

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